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страшные хмонгоистории

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орфография оригинала сохранена

Another story. This one was told to me by my grandpa when I was a little kid.

Have you guys ever heard about the "looking under your armpit" trick? I've always heard from the OGs that the best way to spot a ghost, is to look behind you under your arm pit, because you'll catch them unexpectedly.

There was this rather rich Hmong guy back in Laos - he was rich enough to own his own horse. I don't remember why exactly, but he went down the mountains and into the city to celebrate and have a good time. After the sun had set and it started getting dark, he thought it would be wise to get back home to his village.

So he mounted his horse and began trotting back home. But about halfway there, it was really dark - almost midnight - and he realized he should stop and rest soon. However, the bad thing is, there weren't that many houses out in the middle of nowhere between the city and village, so he was pretty much screwed.

He kept traveling forwards for a little more ways, until he saw this tiny little house he hadn't seen before. He tied up his horse and walked inside (those old Hmong houses don't have doors) and he was like, "Hey, is anybody in here?" Then this extremely beautiful Hmong girl came out to greet him, and he was like eek.gif love2.gif He asked her if he could stay the night, and seeing as how hospital (spelling?) Hmong people are, she said yes.

Now, being the total pimp that this guy was (and we all know how horny Hmong guys are), he seduced the girl and got her to sleep with him. I don't really know the details, but the two of them had some hot wild fobbish sex biggthumpup.gif

And then afterwards, as he was laying in bed with the sleeping beautiful girl, he began to get this funny feeling inside of his stomach. Remembering that old OG trick of "looking under your armpit", the guy raised up his arm and looked behind him through his armpit at the sleeping girl, and what he saw made his skin pop up with goosebumps - the woman wasn't a woman anymore.. instead she was a rotting corpse, with worms and maggots crawling through her eye sockets.

This startled the guy and he jolted up in bed, which woke up the woman, and she was like, "What's wrong?" The guy knew he had to escape, and he had to think of a plan fast, so he said to her, "Uh.. I have to go... take a pee" The woman was smart though and immediately sensed something was wrong, so she said to him, "Alright, you can go pee.. but give me the end of your belt tied to your pants, so I know you're not going far"

The guy was really scared by now, but he quickly got an idea. The woman didn't have any eyes, so he was guessing she couldn't see. He slipped off his belt, tied one end of it around his water cantine that he had with him, and leaned it on the ground so water was slowly trickling out the tip. He gave the other end of the belt to the woman, who grabbed onto it tightly. Then, very very quietly, he slowly sneaked out of the house as the water trickled out of the cantine, making it sound like he was peeing.

When the guy got outside, he hurriedly untied his horse and jumped on - just in time to hear the woman give a blood curling shriek as she found out he wasn't there. She bursted through the house entrance, her true form revealed - a greenish red rotting corpse demon - right as the guy yelled "YAH!" and his horse galloped away.

He never looked behind him once as he galloped away as fast as he could, back into the city. He found the nearest shaman temple that he could, ran inside, got down onto his knees, and prayed and prayed and prayed.


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Here's another story. This one happened in my own home town in the USA. It happened about 10 years ago, when my friend's sister had gone missing, and the police had found her curled up underneath the local university stairway, cold and crying.

This one autumn afternoon, my friend's little sister just finished up with her day of elementary school. She only lived about three blocks from school, so she would just walk home everyday. After school ended, she decided to stick around a bit on the playground and have some fun. Eventually though, if you live in Wisconsin or northern Minnesota, you'll know that it gets really dark fast around 5PM - soon it began to get very dark, but the little girl didn't notice and just kept on playing.

Suddenly though, this old Hmong guy walked up to the playground, and was like, "Hey.. I'm your uncle.. your parents told me to come and pick you up." The little girl looked at her uncle and realized she had seen him before in pictures at home, so she knew it was safe. The uncle started leading the way home, and the little girl followed after him.

However, after about walking two blocks in the wrong direction, she soon realized that she wasn't heading home at all. Her uncle though still kept walking forward, never looking back at her - and she didn't want to speak up and say anything about it, because she was afraid she might get in trouble.

The uncle began walking faster and faster, slowly leaving the little girl behind. The girl didn't want to get left behind and get lost, so she started running after her uncle. But no matter how fast she ran, the uncle only walked, and yet he was still moving faster than she was. It was almost like he was gliding through the air.

Eventually the little girl got tired of running, and she stopped and rested, and she thought to herself, "I'm too tired.. I'm going to turn back and go home". As she turned around and took a few steps, out of nowhere, this wall of leaves and vines just rose up through the ground and prevented the little girl from going farther. This scared the little girl like no other, and when she turned around again, she saw her uncle motion with his fingers and said, "Hurry up.. we have to get home"

The girl was in tears now, very frightened, and she didn't really know what to do, so she kept following her uncle. She was running as fast as she could, but she still couldn't keep up with him. Soon she got tired again, and crying, she began running all the way to the right. She didn't get far, because another wall of leaves and vines rose up from the ground, blocking her path.

She just sat down and began crying, too scared to to move, but then her uncle turned around and shouted, "I'm getting mad now.. hurry up.. I have to take you home" So the little girl got up again and began following her uncle.

But just like before, he was simply moving too fast, so the little girl stopped, and this time she tried going to the left, when the same thing happened - a wall of leaves and vines broke through the ground and wouldn't let the girl go anywhere else - she had to follow her uncle.

The girl was just too scared at this point though, so she found a stairway that led up to the local university, and just hid underneath of it, curled up and crying for hours.

When the police found her, it turns out she had ended up on the other side of town- after they sent her back home, she told her parents the story, and they were completely freaked out. As the parents took out their photo album and asked, "Which uncle was it?" the little girl pointed to a picture, and the parents got very scared, and said, "This uncle died back in Laos a very long time ago."

It seems the uncle wanted to get revenge on the family by taking their daughter into the afterlife with him.



This is a true story, told to me by a friend of mine, who heard the story from his uncle back in Laos.

One evening, just after the sun had sunk behind the horizon, but there was still light in the sky, my friend's uncle and his buddy were walking from the jungle and back into the village.  On the way to the village, they had to cross a bridge - my friend's uncle and his buddy went onto the bridge and began walking across it like every other day.  But as soon as they got a bit closer, they could see a dark figure, standing at the end of the bridge; seeing as how they had no other way to reach the village, they kept walking closer to the figure.  As they got about halfway across, they realized that the figure was a woman, and she had her face buried inside of her hands and she was weeping.  This concerned my friend's uncle and his buddy, because there were some robbers and such in the village, and they were worried that maybe the woman got attacked, so they started walking faster towards the woman.  When they finally reached her, the woman was still hiding her face in her hands and crying even louder - my friend's uncle and his buddy tried to console the woman and tell her to stop crying, but she wouldn't.  They also took the woman's hands and tried to pull them away from her face, but she wouldn't let go.  The woman was still weeping loudly, her face buried in her hands - and then she suddenly tilted her head up, and removed her hands - and all that was there, was dead skin... she didn't have a face.  Suddenly the woman started laughing from deep within her throat, an evil chilling laugh.  My friend's uncle and his buddy were completely freaked out and they started running away - but as they glanced behind them, the woman was running after them as well, still faceless, still laughing.  They picked up the pace, ran even faster, never looked behind them, and luckily they outran the woman and reached the village.  As they finally stopped and turned around to look behind them, the woman was gone. … ;p=1268774



One very important thing you have to keep in mind while playing the qeej at funeral is to not look at the corpse within the coffin 'cause there's a chance you might getta glimpse of something you do not wanna see. Why I bring this up 'cause here's story that happened to my dad.

A years back, there was an old Hmong lady who passed away in Missoula, Montana. My dad was asked to be one of the txiv qeejs and so he went and did his duty. He came back home with a live chicken and I thought to myself that, he's never brought home a live chicken back from a funeral before only normally big chunks of beef ribs. I didn't bother to ask and the next day we were eating the chicken.

I later found out when my mom was telling me 'bout playing qeejs at funerals of what not to do and scary stories that has happened to some. Then she brought up what had happened to my dad. He was playing the qeej and when he got to the point of "nciv qab nruag", when the qeej guy goes under the drum counter clockwise towards the coffin. My dad thought it wouldn't hurt to have a quick glimpse of the coffin even though he knew txiv qeejs were not allowed to while playing. So when he did look at the coffin he saw some women mourning and sobbing but in front of their bowed heads sat straight up the old Hmong lady and she kind of gave my dad an old lady's grin (the kind of grin where it's like, hehehe you shouldn't have looked now you're gonna piss your pants young man) and he totally freaked out! He quickly looked back down and said nothing the rest of the night. The next day he finally told one of the shamans there 'bout it and they gave him a chicken to bring home to hu plig. My dad never talked 'bout it 'cause it scared the sh*t outta him pretty bad and that to me is pretty scary crap since my dad seems to not fear supernatural things as much. I guess it's true for txiv qeejs to not look at the corpse while playing huh. Makes me feel like when I go and play at the funerals I might try it myself. … ;p=1283498


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This is the last scary story that I know about. I heard this from my cousin, who told me this happened to his older brother Tou Pao and two of his friends while they were playing with an Ouija board.

The rules of playing with an Ouija board are simple. When you first start playing, you ask if there are any spirits around who are willing to talk. When you're done playing, you're supposed to ask for the spirit's permission if you can leave, before you stop playing.

However, as Tou Pao and his two friends were sitting on the floor and playing with the Ouija board, when they asked the spirit they had been "talking" to if they could leave, for whatever reason, the spirid said "No." Seeing as how they thought one of the three were just playing a joke on each other, they all took their hands off the board and just laughed about it.

The two friends were still sitting and joking with each other, when Tou Pao slowly stood up for no reason. He slowly turned with his back on his two friends and just faced the wall.

The two friends thought this was kind of odd, so they asked Tou Pao, "Hey dude.. are you alright?" Tou Pao remained facing the wall, but something from within him - it sounded like three voices combined - replied, "This isn't Tou Pao."

Instantly, the two friends tensed up in terror. They just kind of looked each other with fear, then looked at Tou Pao's turned back again, and asked him once more, "Hey.. Tou Pao.. are you okay?" Tou Pao remained with his back turned to them, and once again, the three voices replied, "This isn't Tou Pao."

The two friends looked at each other again, scared and worried now. The room remained quiet for a few moments longer. Then the braver one of the two friends slowly stood up from the floor, walked up to Tou Pao a bit, and said quietly, "Hey.. Tou Pao?"

Then suddenly, Tou Pao's head did a 180 degree turn, smiling at the friends -his eyes were wide and demonic, his face twisted with an evil grin.

The two friends screamed and scampered out of the room. They stayed on the opposite side of the house, hiding in fear.

About 10 minutes later or so, when they finally worked up the courage to return to the room, they found Tou Pao sitting crossed legged on the floor with a dazed look on his face. The friends asked him again, "Hey.. Tou Pao.. are you okay?" to which this time he replied, "Hey.. yeah.."

They talked some more.. and Tou Pao didn't remember a thing that had happened.



А что такое OG?



Bitter Tangerine Chen написал(а):

А что такое OG?

черт его знает. надо будет спросить у автора этой истории.


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