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Recipe for Jomon Cookie

Traditional Recipe:
Minced wild boar meat, deer meat, or chicken,
Sweet acorn powder or ground Japanese horse chestnuts,
Acorn powder,
Salt, a suitable amount

Arranged Recipe

Minced pork OR chicken; 1/2 lb. *Substitute minced pork or chicken for wild boar and other meat

1 Egg

5 oz. Walnut

5 oz. Almond powder or sliced almond *Substitute almond powder for acorn.

1/2 tsp. Salt

The art of cooking (for Arranged recipe)

1. Grind walnut and almond into powder.

2. Add minced pork or chicken, walnut and almond powder, salt, and an egg into a bowl and mix them.

3. Make it into round cookie shape about 3 cm in diameter.

4. Bake them in an oven at 400 degree F or bake them with a hot plate until you smell something pleasant. (*Bake until it is well done*)